Tobie Oral Pet Care


How long does it take for home delivery?
I haven’t received a dispatch email/email confirmation?
Can I collect from a local store?
Do you deliver on Weekend?
Why can’t I select next day delivery?
Can I track my item?


 Who pays for return postage?
Why have you not refunded the original delivery charge?
How long will it be before I get a refund?
Can you confirm you have received my return?
How long will it be before I get a refund?


How often should I brush my dog's teeth?
How do I properly brush my dog's teeth?
Can I use human toothpaste?
Why do I need to brush my pet's teeth?
What can happen if I don't brush my pet's teeth?
How Many Treats Should I Feed To My Dog?
How Do These Treats Actually Keep My Dogs Teeth Clean?
What Causes Gingivitis?
Why do I need to use Easy Crush?
Can you use EASY CRUSH with another treat brands?
Can I use EASY CRUSH to give raw vegetables like celery or carrots?


How do I apply a promotional code?
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